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What is Reikilibre Luxembourg? 

It is a peaceful consultation room close to the city center, surrounded by greenery.
A bubble of well-being, attention and listening.It is a place where we find ourselves, in confidence, without judgment, a place where you can let go step by step to regain emotional, physical and mental balance.




What is life coaching? 

C'est un accompagnement pour vous aider à vous retrouver, à vous écouter et à vous détendre.
C'est réapprendre à gérer son stress, ses émotions et son quotidien. 
C'est un cheminement afin de reconnecter avec votre dynamisme originel, votre joie de vivre et d'être.
C'est un approfondissement de la connaissance de soi
C'est un désir de mieux-être, un développement personnel et spirituel.
C'est le retour à l'équilibre.




What is health and nutrition coaching?

It is help yourself in your way to feel better physically. It is accompany and guide yourself in your evolution and alimentary choices, adapted to your temperament and morphology.
It is decide to feel better inside.



What is Reïki ?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique to rebalance the body's energy.By laying on of hands and solicitation of acupressure points, we recharge the body and mind energy.Reiki allows the negative energies to be released, in mind to be quieted.It is a new harmony and energy maintenance based on welfare.It is a work in depth on the memories, pain, physical or mental memories.






Why those different practices and various formulas?


To be more efficient... 

Indeed, after several years of study and practice of the profession, it appeared a clear link: body and mind are interrelated.
Thus, the alliance of three practical support enables each party to recover as quickly as possible a balanced and lasting harmony. 

"Every Human Being is Unique."

So, formulas are adapted to each person according to his own needs.





We offer preparatory care operations, deliveries and adequate monitoring people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.


We provide services to companies and work council.



We propose energetic cares to animals.




For more informations and details, contact-us.

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