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Take time to read the following informations, it can only be beneficial.




Specifically, what is an energy healing? And what do the reiki?


The reiki is a japanese method of energy healing.

It aims, by laying on of hands to channel and circulate Energy to improve his physical and mental well-being

.The energy treatment, combined, if necessary, to acupressure which stimulates the meridians, designed to relax the body's energy centers and to release any knots and blockages.

The various endocrine organs (pituitary, thyroid, thymus, adrenals, pancreas) and the filtering organs (liver, kidney, bladder) often have a role in the lack of energy, chronic fatigue or the high sensitivity to stress.

Therefore it is important to treat it by regular energy healing...



Thus,by a work using japanese medicine and acupressure, care frees toxins, blockages often emotional, and enhances body and mind vitality.  


By acting on the energy of tired or congested organ wich no longer properly exercises its role, the therapist works on the physical sphere of the individual, by revitalizing him.

By acting on the letting go and emotional balance, the therapist works on the psychic sphere of the Individual.


Patients in treatment often tell us that during or after the Reiki session, they are more appeased, more consistent and at peace with themselves, and they find it easier to think or make decisions.





Course of a session: 



By phone when making appointment, you explain to me what brought you to contact me (stress, chronic fatigue, pain, eczema ...) so that I can best prepare our meeting.

The day of the appointment, a relaxing atmosphere awaits you ...


You lie on the massage table, taking care to remove your shoes, and I begin to put my hands in a specific order as needed.

If I feel tension in various places, I support several times on the necessary meridians.

This is called acupressure.


A treatment is done over several sessions and, even if after the first session you will feel a marked improvement, it is important to keep up treatment and respect it in its entirety.


The body often requires several sessions to be rebalanced.



I am totally convinced by this calming method, it perfectly complements the previous two spheres and shows a real impact on the physical and psychosomatic disorders.



A session last 45 minutes.







Initiation courses.


As a master teacher, I offer initiation courses for different levels of Reiki Usui.


Do not hesitate to contact me for more informations.


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