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Course of a session:

Installed comfortably in the palm of a cozy armchair, back or front of me,
You return on the important points of your life.

Together we build a dialogue to improve the well-being every day, in each of the areas that affect you:

Familial, individual or professional course.

In our support, the primary aim is not only to relieve and solve a specific problem, a dilemma or an existential crisis, but to support the overall wellness of the Individual in the long term.




    "The greatest burden is to exist without Living"

                                                    Victor Hugo



 As we would drift over the water in order to discover the source, we derivein dialogue in order to start a new philosophical process leading you on the road to your own fulfillment.

Life coaching is based on the attention to the needs, respect and fulfillment of His Being.Life coaching helps you every day in managing your emotions, your stress, your other.




The life coaching is ideal for worker constantly under pressure.



Sessions last 45 minutes and are non-directive.

It is covered by professional secret.








For more informations, do not hesitate to contact us.

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